Upside Down

Upside down is full of dangers and surprises, you never know what comes up next

Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Nancy, Jonathan and other friends are trapped in The Upside Down. You are Eleven. The only one powerful enough to rescue them. Bring them back home but only one at a time. Avoid demogorgans, take your friends safely to the portal back home. All the characters trapped are represented by different coloured balls. Every character has its own importance and so does the ball. The balls are classified in 3 colours each having different points and count all trapped in different locations in the upside down. RED – 4 balls GREEN- 6 balls BLUE- 12 balls

In order to get your friends back home, the robot must push the balls into the basket, representing portals. However, there are demogorgans in your way, the obstacles. You must avoid them. At a time 2 robots will play, both trying to collect 1 ball at a time and reach the portal. The robot able to score maximum points at end of game will be declared the winner. If you are lucky you might get some surprise in the obstacles and the Arena, sounds interesting right?

Your Goal
Build a wireless or RC wired bot able to push the balls avoiding all obstacles in its way and putting the balls in the allotted basket to score and the one with the maximum score wins.

Event Criteria

  • Team size: 4 max
  • Robot Dimensions(max): 30cms * 30cms * 25cms (length * breadth * height)
  • Robot Weight: 2kg max
  • 2 bots will take part simultaneously


upside down arena


  • Time limit of event-7 minutes.
  • Ball needs to be pushed into the basket ALLOTED TO THEM without crossing the finish line.
  • The bot is not to be touched by any human after the game starts.
  • You can’t overtake any obstacle.
  • The robot needs to be in the arena for the gametime.
  • No weapons allowed.


If the ball successfully goes into the basket, you score!

Action Points
Basket Red ball 3
Basket Green Ball 2
Basket Blue Ball 1
Hit any obstacle -1
Collision with other bots -1
For events with team participation, only one team member needs to register and all team members should be of same Institution.