The Lost Treasure

You are the Captain Jack Sparrow, sailing across Caribbean Sea. You have finally found the island with 'The lost treasure'. But you are not alone!

You are the Captain Jack Sparrow, sailing across Caribbean Sea. You have finally found the island with ‘The lost treasure’. But you are not alone!! Your archenemy-Blackbeard has also reached the island following you. The island is cursed and the treasure will turn to dust after 7 min of you landing on island. Collect the treasure, steal Blackbeard treasure and defend your treasure. Let’s see which pirate becomes ‘KING OF THE SEVEN SEAS’.

Event Criteria

  • Team size: 4 max
  • Robot Dimensions: 30cms * 30cms * 25cms (length * breadth * height)
  • Robot Weight: 2kg max including all the components


upside down arena

Game Description

You have this magical island with magical treasure. The chance for you to become the ‘King of Seven Seas’ is just few moments away as the treasure would disappear after seven minutes of you stepping on to the island. You need to start your hunt with first collecting silver coins (10 points each) to reach the Silver stage (at least 3 silver in your boat) and then gold coins (20 points each) to reach the Gold stage (at least 2 gold). But keep in mind that you can go for Gold stage only if you have once passed the Silver stage. Once you have passed the Silver stage and the Gold stage, then the KOHINOOR diamond becomes accessible. But after capturing KOHINOOR diamond you need to capture a gold coin as well within the next span of 5 sec to 15 sec, otherwise it will vanish from your boat and will appear at its initial position again. Another gem in the treasure is the HOPE DIAMOND which carries no point and is accessible throughout the hunt. In case of equal score points at the end of the hunt, the pirate with HOPE DIAMOND will be considered the ‘King of Seven Seas’. Besides this, you have the chance to steal the treasure of other pirate by moving the paddle(A rotatory rod pivoted at boat’s edge) of his boat but not going into the boat. At last the pirate with most points will be declared as ‘KING OF SEVEN SEAS’

Important points

  • You need to cross the Silver stage just once. If after collecting at least 3 silver coins, you went for gold coins and in meantime, opponent removed your silver coins, you need not to collect them again to go for Gold Stage. Stage once passed will be marked as PASSED.
  • Above point goes for Gold Stage as well. KOHINOOR doesn’t require the presence of at least 3 silver and 2 gold coins in your boat. But you must have crossed Silver stage and Gold Stage at some point of time to get KOHINOOR.
  • Opponent can’t enter your boat and vice-versa is also applicable.
  • If you accidently paddle out treasure from your boat, then that treasure will be considered out of your boat and you will not get any scores for that.
  • Hope diamond has no points.
  • But in case of a tie, the Hope diamond will serve as tie breaker. The pirate with Hope diamond will be considered winner. In case, if hope diamond is not with any of the pirates and the scores are equal, then the priority order for the consideration of winner will be:

    1. Pirate with KOHINOOR
    2. Pirate with more gold coins.
  • The points of the coin or diamond will be given only if it is completely inside the boundary of the boat. In any case of dispute, the decision of coordinators will be entertained.

How to score points

Coin Points
Gold 20
Silver 10
Kohinoor 50
Paddling Gold coin out of boat 10
Paddling Kohinoor out of boat 20
  • Collecting silver points will give you 10 points.
  • Collecting gold coins will give you 20 points. (But you can start collecting them only after you have crossed the Silver stage)
  • After passing Silver stage and Gold stage, you can go for the hunt of Kohinoor diamond (blue colored diamond). To capture Kohinoor diamond, there are certain rules-
  • As soon as you put Kohinoor diamond in your boat, a hope time starts. You need to stay still for first 5 seconds of Hopetime i.e., You cannot put any other coin for first 5 seconds in your boat after you put Kohinoor diamond in your boat, however you can defend your boat from the opponent in the meantime. Then from 6 th second to 15 th second you have to put a gold coin inside your boat, then only the Kohinoor diamond will be considered as captured by you. In any other case, the Kohinoor diamond will return back to its initial position in island.
  • Once Kohinoor is successfully inside your boat, the only way Kohinoor can come out is by using paddle.
  • You will be given points only if the coin(s) you paddled out is a gold coin or KOHINOOR. 10 points wiwll be rewarded for removing Gold coin and 20 points will be rewarded for removing KOHINOOR. No points will be give for removing Silver Coin and HOPE DIAMOND.


If any of the pirates collects coins without following the order mentioned below:

  1. Silver Stage
  2. Gold Stage
  3. Kohinoor diamond
  • You get a foul in case you enter the boat of the opponent. Keep in mind, you can just rotate the paddle of the opponent to bring the treasure out.
  • If you collect any coin and put it into your boat during the first 5 seconds of Hope time.

Note: Any of the above mentioned situations (if fulfilled) will result in the loss of 5 points of the concerned pirate.


  • Each match will be one on one match, that is knock out match.
  • Each match will be of seven minutes.
  • More than one participant is not allowed to operate the remote controller.
  • If the participants are not present at the arena on the given time slot then that team will be disqualified.
  • The bots aren’t allowed to leave any loose parts on any part of the arena.
  • Damage to arena is not allowed and will lead to disqualification of team.
  • Flying (using airfoil, helium balloons, ornithopters etc.) is not allowed
  • In any case of dispute, the decision of coordinators will be final. If team is misbehaving or not co-operating with the coordinators then the team will be disqualified.
For events with team participation, only one team member needs to register and all team members should be of same Institution.