So you think you can hack?

root@CTF is an event which provides a platform for participants to get the taste of how cyber security analysis is done. We are organising a Jeopardy style event, in which there are a set of challenges for the participants to test their cybersec skills. The game is played in team of upto 4 players where each team has to solve a set of challenges which range from forensics to cryptography to reverse engineering to exploit development and more. This allows the participants from different domains of interests to apply various concepts and techniques to reach a solution and get the flag;) The challenges assume that participants know basics of computer science such as networking, OS, and have some common sense :wink_face:

Event Criteria

  • Team size: 1-2
  • Time Duration: 3hrs


  • Players need to bring their own laptops at least one per team.
  • Sharing of flags and collaborating with other teams constitutes cheating.
  • Attacking the CTF infrastructure is strictly forbidden
For events with team participation, only one team member needs to register and all team members should be of same Institution.