Triwizardry Tournament

Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry is hosting its prestigious triwizardry tournament. Someone has put your name in the goblet of fire. You may be too young for tournament but definitely not a quitter. You have to win this tournament for glory of Hogwarts.

The tournament consists of three tournaments:

  • Expecto Petronum
  • Quidditch
  • Chamber of secrets

Expecto Petronum:

In the very first tournament, a dementor is standing in front of you along with his 9 duplicates. You have to wash the main dementor away in order to get entry to the next tournament. Use “expecto petronum” to hit the correct dementor.


upside down arena


Rectangular field containing 10 pins (Dementors) ,a bot (you) and a ball(the spell).


  1. Bot should be wireless or wired.
  2. The main objective is to knock down as many pins in the first strike.
  3. Only one chance will be given to each participant.
  4. The no. of pins knocked down will be the score of the team.
  5. Bot will start from a marked position and will hit the ball kept on a marked position and will stop at or before a marked position on the arena.
  6. If bot crosses the last marked position(if bot’s front part crosses the line) 2 points will be deducted.
  7. Max score is 10 as there will be 10 pins.
  8. Player can adjust the position of ball and thus of bot along the first and second marked lines in order to have flexibility to hit the correct dementor.


  1. Height: approximately one fourth of the height of a pin.
  2. Width: approx. twice the diameter of a pin.
  3. Weight: 2kg max
  4. Length: 30 cms max
  5. Power supply: AC power source


  1. Team size: 4 max

The top scorers of game 1 will be qualified for next game. The exact count will depend on number of participants.


The second tournament is a quidditch match. You must put quaffle max. no of times in opponent’s goal hoop to win the tournament. Also, defend your own loop. Remember, NO MAGIC 


upside down arena


  1. The arena will have two goal posts.
  2. Ball is always placed over cross of toss winning team.
  3. Red and yellow marks are bots.
  4. White circle is ball.
  5. The rectangular region is goal.
  6. The center line, outside, inner-D is marked

Game description and Rules

  1. It will be a one-on-one match lasting to 5 minutes.
  2. Initially a toss will be there and winning bot chooses to strike or defend.
  3. Accordingly the bot will be placed over the crosses.
  4. The objective is to hit the ball into the goal of opposite teams, while the opposite team tries to defend it and re-hit the ball to your goal.
  5. The timer would be paused when the (ball goes out of arena) / (out of the playing area) or a goal has been scored.
  6. While defending if the ball goes past the lines along the post then a corner shoot would be given to opposite team. But a corner shot would also be taken from the opposite team’s cross mark.
  7. If the robot tries to damage their own goal posts by hitting it badly or by any other means then it would result in 3 penalty shoots with the timer being paused/ or immediate disqualification in worst case.
  8. If a bot tries to damage the other bot, penalty shall be imposed.
  9. The penalty shoot out must be taken from the position marked on arena. Only 10 seconds will be given to take shoot.


  • Robot Dimensions: 30cms * 20cms * 150cms
  • Robot Weight: 2kg max
  • Power Supply: AC power source


  1. Team size: 4 max

Chamber of Secrets:

In the last event Tom riddle captures Hermoine. She is trapped, paralyzed inside the chamber of secrets. You are standing in front of her to defend her. Tom Riddle has also captured the souls of your other friends and placed their freezed bodies around you. He is now trying to attack Hermoine and you by throwing a spell bound orb on you. You are new to wizardry and only know how to redirect the attack on you. So your task is to deflect the orb protecting Hermoine and other friends. If you deflect the orb outside the chamber, you will get 4 points. If the orb hits any of the freezed bodies of friend,they die. You loose.

Arena Design

upside down arena

Arena Description

  1. Blue bot is the bowler.
  2. Brown Bot is the batsman
  3. Yellow Cones are your fielders.
  4. Red circle is ball
  5. Wickets are obvious
  6. Dashed line is inner 30-yard circle

Game Description and Rules

  • It is an one-on-one match.
  • Bowler has 6 balls and you have 2 chances. If you loose 2 wickets, you loose the tournament.
  • Fielders will be set by bowler himself (the person controlling the bot)
  • 4-runs if ball crosses the outer boundary without touching any of yellow cones(Fielders).
  • If ball touches any cone then you loose a wicket.
  • The bowler bot is allowed to move to get the ball. In the mean time the batsman bot can score the run via running between the wickets.The bowler bot can either throw the ball on to wickets or bring it gradually to pitch.
  • Overthrows, Wide and no-balls are also considered (i.e. all common rules are applied including free hit)
  • The bowler has to throw each ball in not more than 20 seconds . If it fails in doing so (by continuous wide or no balls etc), it shall be eliminated and batsman wins.
  • The team with maximum score wins !!!

Constraints on robots

  • Height: not more than 1.5 times of a tennis ball. (approx 10 cm)
  • Length: not more than 30 cm
  • Width: not more than 20 cm.
  • Weight : 2kg max
  • Type: Manual (Wired and Wireless)
  • Power Supply : AC power source.

Constraints on teams

  • Number of Members: 4 max
For events with team participation, only one team member needs to register and all team members should be of same Institution.