Fight Club 2.0

Design and construct a warfare robot which should be capable of knock out other robots from the arena and the last robot standing will be declared as the winner

Welcome to the Omaha Fight Club. This club has produced many great fighters. The club is sick, so are the contenders. The Omaha Tag is what they are fighting for. They have come, all prepared with the weapons loaded and aggressive tactics. They all want to be in the ring, fighting to prove their own worth. The more damage you cause, the more famous you get in the town. It’s a killing spree. Increase your fan following by knocking one out, use the cutter, use the arm, use the physique, use the drift and increase your chances of getting the tag. Kill and win. Show the world, your strengths, surprise them with your innovation and let your era begin.

Your goal
To immobilise the opponent for 30 sec or push the opponent (for maximum of 3 times) to the death zone.

Event Criteria

  • Team size: 4 max

Constraint on Robots

  • Robot Dimensions(max including weapons): 50cms * 50cms * 50cms (length * breadth * height)
  • Robot Weight: 20kg max including weapons
  • Power Supply: 36V DC(team has to arrange by themselves), 230V AC(provided onsite).


upside down arena

Arena Description

  1. This hexagonal area is the battleground for the match.

Game Description and Rules

  1. Basic rules

    • Each match will be one on one match, that is, basically knock out match.
    • Each match will be in between two robots of seven minutes.
    • Aim of the participants are to immobilize other robots or maximum destruction to other robot within the given time.
    • In any case if there will be odd number of participants, then on the basis of scores or the time they take to knock out the other robot, the participant at the last position will be disqualified.
    • More than one participant are not allowed to operate the remote controller.
    • If the participants are not present at the arena on the given time slot then that team will be disqualified.
    • The machines are not allowed to leave any loose parts on any part of the arena.
    • If any bot remains immobilized for 10 seconds, it will be treated passive and will be disqualified.
    • Damage to arena is not allowed and will lead to disqualification of team.
    • Flying (using airfoil, helium balloons, ornithopters etc.) is not allowed.
    • No rematch will be there.
    • Any team that is not ready at the time specified will be eliminated from the competition.
    • Points will be given to the bot who does more damage to the opponent.
    • The player whwo throws the opponent maximum number of times to the death zones(upper limit 3) wins.
    • Matches are of 7 minutes of single round.
    • Arena should not be damaged.
  2. The robot must not be made from Lego parts, or any readymade Kit, if we find such robot it will be disqualified. If the robot is wired then the wire should remain slack under all circumstances during the competition. All the wires coming out of the robot should be stacked as single unit.

  3. It is necessary for all that teams that the robot must be electrically or electronically powered. If any team uses any type of mechanical powered system like IC ENGINE or other then it will be disqualified.

  4. Robots can have any kind of cutters, flippers, saws, hammers, lifting devices etc. as weapons, with the following exceptions:

    • Liquid projectiles
    • Acid based Weapons
    • EMP generators
    • Any kind of flammable liquid
    • Flame-producing weapons
    • Any kind of explosive material.
    • Nets, glue or any other entanglement devices
    • High power magnets or electromagnets, Radio jammers
    • Pneumatic weapons
  5. Scoring rule

    • Each time you damage the other robot using weapons, one point will be given.
  6. Winning rule

    • Whoever immobilize the other robot, will be the winner.
    • In case no one will be able to immobilize other robot in the given time, then the winner will be declared on the basis of maximum number of points.

Terms and Condition (in case of any dispute)

  • Final decision will be of co-ordinators.
  • In case of any dispute, if team is misbehaving or not co-operating with the co-ordinators, then the team will be disqualified.
For events with team participation, only one team member needs to register and all team members should be of same Institution.