Thanos is captured. Can you collect all the infinity stones?

You are inside Thanos’s Castle along with rest of the avengers. Thanks to the surviving Avengers, Thanos is captured. But to their surprise, Thanos has hidden the 6 infinity stones in the castle along with the infinity gauntlet broken into 4 pieces- a total of 10 components required to rebuild the infinity gauntlet and restore life in half of the universe. However, Thanos is smart and has hidden 15 fake components along with 10 real components. The Avengers are struggling to keep Thanos encaptivated and have assigned you the task collect the components. There are 25 rooms each with a component. The rooms are arranged in a 5x5 grid and has a number associated with it. Also once you enter the castle, you will have 4 minutes to collect as many components as you can, else you’ll be slaughtered by Chitauri Army coming to rescue Thanos.


Thanos is over confident and has given you a set of 10 riddles, the answer to which is a number denoting the room number having real components. He is pretty sure that you are not smart enough to crack the riddles.

Event Criteria

  • Team size: 2-3
  • Robot Dimensions: 30cms * 30cms * 25cms (length * breadth * height)
  • Robot Weight: 1.5kg


upside down arena

Yellow circles are real components. Black are fake components.

Rules and Scoring

The size of rooms and the grid will be provided to the registered participants 1 week prior to competition. The participants will be given a set of 10 riddles on the day of the competition. They must solve these riddles and then plan the path to collect as many real components as possible while avoiding the fake ones (within an allotted time interval).

  1. For each real component, you will get +3 points. And for each wrong component, you will get -1 points.
  2. The goal is to collect as many components as you can as soon as possible. Components collected, the time spent and the path travelled shall be evaluated for all those who go inside the castle.
  3. The robot can move only to adjacent cells and not diagonally.
  4. If a robot crosses 1/3rd of the room ,it must collect the component.
  5. The robot must leave the grid, after collecting coins from the exit point.
  6. Time shall be noted from starting point to exit point.

NOTE: If the robot crosses 1/3rd of a room, it will be assumed that it has picked the component of that particular room. So, no need of a mechanical arm or any picking mechanism.

Constraint on Robot

  • Remote Controlled
  • Wired/Wireless
For events with team participation, only one team member needs to register and all team members should be of same Institution.