Code Golf

Lesser you code, better you score.

Code Golf is a competitive coding challenge for all the geeks out there, but what makes it different is, you have to code short to fetch more marks. Lesser you code, better you score. Though what\’s priceless is solving interesting problems and the thrill of competition. To deal with it, you require a level patience and skill that escapes ordinary programmers. Are you ready?


Event Criteria

Team size: 1-2


  • Your team will be required to write programs to solve the given problems, which will then have to be submitted to an online judge.
  • Shorter the code, Higher will be the score.
  • Your programs can be written in any language.
  • There will be a runtime limit for each problem. Your solution should pass all the hidden test data within that time limit to receive the accepted verdict.
  • The winner will be declared on the basis of total score.
  • There will be a time penalty for each wrong submission to the online judge, but not for compilation error.
  • Team will have no access to cell phones.
  • Taking help of any kind will result in immediate disqualification.
For events with team participation, only one team member needs to register and all team members should be of same Institution.