ODEssey: Poetry Slam

I did not have a big fist to punch them, so I picked up a pen and wrote my punches instead.

“I did not have a big fist to punch them, so I picked up a pen and wrote my punches instead.”

Poetry has always been one of the loudest gateways for expression of notions, feelings, thoughts and much more, the list of which is boundless. If you believe that you have got what it takes, if you have been swallowing words that wanted to come out, if you have always wanted to give a punch to that subject, we have built this platform for you alone. Sentience ‘19 provides you this platform where individuals recite and enact their own piece of work, the poem. Come here and take your chance to give that one big punch that you have always wanted to give.

Poetry slam is currently the best trend going on in the literature world. Speaking is as good an art as is writing and Poetry Slam is just the perfect mix of both of these arts.

Event Criteria

  • Time limit: up to 5min
  • Judging Criteria: Binding the audience, Reaction of audience, Literature of poem, Art of speaking, Time taken

General rule

  • The participant has to be a registered student of an educational institute in India. The participant will be asked to provide a valid institute ID to participate.
  • The participants are free to write their poem on any theme/topic of their choice.
  • Each and every participant has to submit write-ups of their poems 2 days prior to the event via email on odesseypoetryslam@gmail.com in .docx format. Participants who will fail to provide the poems 2 days prior to the event via mail will have their marks deducted.
  • Once the poem is submitted, the participant is not allowed to edit the poem otherwise the participant’s scoring will be affected
  • Judging will be done on various points including but not limited “to the aforementioned criteria.”
  • All the participants have to be present at the venue of the event before half hour of the commencing of the event to verify their poems and participation.
  • The poets are allowed to put Hindi and/or Urdu along with English in their poems or present their poems strictly in Hindi or Urdu or English.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only 1 entry per participant is allowed.
  • Judge’s (Judges’) decision will be final and absolute. They also have the right to alter any of the rules at any moment.
  • Use of props, music etc. is not allowed.
  • No abusive words or vulgar elements are allowed in the poem or the enactment.
For events with team participation, only one team member needs to register and all team members should be of same Institution.