An event celebrating the creative spirit of the youth

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Color Splash

Spray Painting is a magical artwork by your beautiful hands. Would the same magical aura be created if the artist switch their dominating hand?

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Dancing with one's feet is one thing but dancing from the heart is another.

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The Quipster

All ya gotta do is make people laugh! easier said than done.

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Acting is about finding yourself in the character you are portraying, overlooking the dissimilarities.

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Simplicity is the best way to bring out your thoughts. but in this progressive era, nobody pays attention to the plain and simple.

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Fashion is art and you, the canvas. From hair to makeup to dressing to confidence; everything matters once you're up on that stage.

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WordWar: Pursuit of Dispute

Could you fight the battle of words and come up victorious like the Knight in the shining armour?

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ODEssey: Poetry Slam

I did not have a big fist to punch them, so I picked up a pen and wrote my punches instead.

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Battle Of Bands

You think you have what it takes to rock? to electrify the crowd with your music? just pack your guitar and get ready to get on the stairway for some good old rock 'n roll!

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Singers are not people who sing, rather, they are entrepreneurs of their own style, variation, and genre.

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Picture Patch

Often, the stills say it all

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